On This Episode Of Celebrity Twitter Rant: Meek Mill Wants You To Know That Drake Doesn’t Write His Own Raps

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On this episode of Celebrity Twitter Rant: Rapper, Meek Mill, really really really really wants you to know how he feels about Drake.

And by really we mean…REALLY.

On Tuesday night, right after Nicki Minaj went on a Twitter rage about the MTV VMA’s, Meek Mill decided to go on a rage himself.

We won’t lie — we got a kick out of it.

Read what he had to say below:

And here it comes…wait for it…wait for it —


And here Meek is sticking up for himself:

Here’s a jab at Jay-Z:

Here he is claiming Nicki Minaj (his girlfriend in case you were living under a rock):

And here he is praying:

Honestly, we’re so confused as to why this all happened. We won’t lie, this had us up all night waiting for someone to tell Meek to shut the hell up already.

He also wants you to know that he was NOT hacked captioning an Instgram picture “I’m not hacked either….. I don’t change me mind!”:

I’m not hacked either….. I don’t change me mind!

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We wish celebrities knew that fans get a kick out of their social media rants. Who knows will will happen between Meek and pretty much the entire rap game.

Drake hasn’t tweeted since July 10th and Jay-Z probably has better things to do (like travel with Beyoncé).



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