MAC Just Made Every Makeup Fanatic’s Dreams Come True

mac makeup travel size celebrity slice

M.A.C. released the cutest MAC travel-size products and the Internet is going insane.

The Little M.A.C. Collection features mini versions of the brand’s best favorites, including: mascara, lip gloss, and eye shadow.

There are seven small versions of the M.A.C. Pigment in the brand’s most popular shades, including Platinum, Blue Brown, and Chartreuse. There are 12 versions of M.A.C.’s famous Lip Glass.

The seven Zoom Lash mascaras are perfect for any getaway…near and far!

The best part? Each product costs just $10. Perfect cost especially for mascara.

In April, a group of makeup artists told Allure that using travel-size mascaras results in better application. “Travel- or sample-size mascaras are genius because you’re able to use the formula to its fullest potential, since every second liquid makeup is exposed to air, its formula becomes weakened,” says Edward Cruz, a makeup artist who works with Priyanka Chopra.

mac travel size celebrity slice


For just $10? Take our money! How cute and perfect are these little things?



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