BroBible Dude Wears Heels For An Entire Day And Wants To Die

Guys are good at complaining about how girls complain. Guys also don’t know what it’s like to be a female. Personally, we don’t think that they could handle even half of the pain a woman goes through.

BroBible’s Brandon Cohen decided to see what it’s like to wear heels for an entire day. Needless to say, he wanted to die. It was the most pain he’s ever felt. Good lord.

“Every wedding or fancy event I’ve ever been to has involved at least one girl complaining about how much pain they’re in because of their footwear. Blah blah blah. I get it, your feet hurt…  let’s get back to some grinding,” Cohen says in his BroBible post.

He continued, “In an effort to prove that girls are huge complainers, and wearing heels isn’t THAT bad, I decided to buy myself a pair and change the heel game forever.”

Well, things didn’t go as planned and you’ll have to see how much he hates his life in the video below:

What made you think wearing heels was easy? Guys, stop thinking female’s complain about nothing. You couldn’t handle a DAY in their shoes. Literally.

Good work, Brandon!



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