Portillo’s Is Opening a Second Chicago Restaurant and There’s a Skyline View

portillo's chicago celebrity slice
(Photo Courtesy: Portillo's

Luxury dining done right!

Life is about to change for the better in May when, according to a report from the Tribune, a second Portillo’s location will open its doors in the South Loop (located at the northwest corner of Canal and Taylor streets).

The restaurant will feature two-stories including a ground floor patio and a rooftop patio. ROOFTOP PATIO? Imagine how much more amazing eating a hot dog will be while gazing at the city skyline.

In case you were wondering what the ambiance will be like, the interior theme is similar to the establishment in River North: Prohibition-era.

From the juicy Italian beef to the hot dogs and even the 5830498-calorie chocolate cake shake, we’re excited to eat classic American food while pondering the beautiful city of Chicago.

Drooling. Is it May yet?



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