Lana Del Rey Releases New Single Titled “Honeymoon”

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(Photo Courtesy: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Ah, yes! Lana Del Rey is back! We missed her.

The starlet just released her new single ‘Honeymoon’ and we’re excited because that means her album should be coming out soon.

‘Honeymoon’, the first taste and title track from her forthcoming third album, reminds us once again why we love this chick.

This new track consists of 6 minutes filled with pure sultry emotions and invigorating strings in the background with Del Rey’s voice sounding beautiful than ever before.

Unlike her previous singles, ‘Honeymoon’ is much more dark and gives you the feels like never before.

This may not be the Lana we’re used to, but we’re used to her doing exactly what she wants and that’s why we keep coming back.

Listen to it below:

What do you think of the single? We are looking forward to her upcoming work.

Her third album is set to be released in September.



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