Why Gwen Stefani Stayed Hush-Hush Over The Nanny Affair!

gwen stefani and gavin celebrity slice
(Photo Courtesy: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

Before the news broke that Gavin Rossdale cheated on Gwen Stefani with her nanny, Mindy Mann, Stefani received a backlash of rumors entailing she and Blake Shelton were fooling around during their own marriages.

So why did Gwen stiffen her upper lip and keep quiet when her husband was the one in the wrong?

Because Stefani is an amazing an woman – that’s why!

According to a source from E! News, the songstress made massive efforts to keep the cause of divorce under wraps in order to shield her children.

“Gwen didn’t want the news about the nanny to get out for the sake of her kids,” added another insider. “She really wanted to protect them and not have them go through knowing this went on with their father and someone that she trusted. Over the last few weeks, she had begun telling more of her friends what had happened. She is ready to move on and start the next chapter of her life.”

This girl has some serious C-L-A-S-S.



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