Taylor Swift Premieres Music Video for “Out of the Woods” on New Years Eve!

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On New Years Eve at exactly 10:51 PM the world went silent as Taylor Swift premiered her music video for the sixth official single off of her 1989 album, “Out of the Woods” (Shortened to OOTW on social media).

As many speculate, this song is also about Harry Styles as her song “Style” was rumored to be (The biggest evidence being Taylor Swift holding a necklace that Harry Style used to wear in the music video). In the music video for Style, Taylor Swift is seen holding a necklace of a paper airplane. This necklace was spotted being worn by Harry Styles in the past, and if that wasn’t a big enough hint, the song is called Style. In OOTW, there is a lyric sung: “Two paper airplanes flying, flying.”

Could this just be a metaphor or another nod towards the necklace? It is really unclear, but as can be expected from “Bad Blood” and “Wildest Dream,” OOTW was a beautiful music video. Taylor Swift finds herself in the woods dealing with disaster after disaster; wolves, rain, fire, mud. Her dress is ripped, she jumps off a cliff. While the video is theatrical, the message is clear. It is a story about a girl who lost control of not only herself, but of the world around her. But she doesn’t let it destroy her.

Can there be spoilers in a music video? Well, if so, a spoiler is coming up!

At the end, Taylor Swift emerges from the woods dirty and distraught but sees a young, blonde woman in a flowing blue dress standing by the water. When she touches the woman’s shoulder, and the woman turns, it is only shown for a split second but the woman is Taylor Swift herself. The words, “She lost him, But she found herself. And somehow that was everything” flash across the screen.

Those words are the ones attached and associated with her song “Clean,” but are featured in OOTW. This could be because she does not plan on doing a music video for “Clean” as 1989 comes to an end in 2015. The words send a powerful message. In this world, loving someone may be hard, but it will never be as hard as loving yourself. We could not be happier for Taylor Swift, not for her skyrocketing career or the success of 1989, but for her admirable strength that gives us inspiration to prosper through life.

Watch the video below:

Happy New Year Taylor Swift! Welcome 2016!



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