Taylor Swift Wants Kim Kardashian To Go Away

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Kim Kardashian bashed Taylor Swift in her recent interview of “GQ,” and now the two have some bad blood.

Kardashian told the magazine Swift knew all along Kanye was including her name in his song, and that Taylor completey played the victim card.

“She totally approved that,” Kardashian explained. “She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t.”

Kim later went on to say she has video proof of the phone call that took place, showing Taylor’s consent. We guess that makes sense considering the Kardashian family is constantly taping for their show.

However, Taylor Swift wasn’t going to shake off Kim’s comments. Swift’s camp released a statement with some pretty passive aggressive remarks that stated the singer’s side of the story.

“Taylor does not hold anything against Kim Kardashian, as she recognizes the pressure Kim must be under and that she is only repeating what she has been told by Kanye West. However, that does not change the fact that much of what Kim is saying is incorrect. Kanye West and Taylor only spoke once on the phone while she was on vacation with her family in January of 2016 and they have never spoken since. Taylor has never denied that conversation took place.

It was on that phone call that Kanye West also asked her to release the song on her Twitter account, which she declined to do. Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term ‘that b**ch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard. Kanye West never played the song for Taylor Swift. Taylor heard it for the first time when everyone else did and was humiliated. Kim Kardashian’s claim that Taylor and her team were aware [of the lyrics] is not true, and Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.”

Taylor has denied having any knowledge about West’s song. A recording of West also leaked shortly after the release of the tune, where he stated that Taylor was a “fake a**.” In response to his remarks, Swift threw in some shade towards Kanye during her Grammy speech, reminding women to never let someone else ”undercut” their success.


“I don’t know why she just, you know, flipped all of a sudden,” Kim told GQ. “It was funny because [on the call] she said, ‘When I get on the Grammy red carpet, all the media is going to think that I’m so against this, and I’ll just laugh and say, ‘The joke’s on you, guys. I was in on it the whole time.'”

“Obviously, that’s not what happened.  I’m like, wait, but [in] your Grammy speech, you completely dissed my husband just to play the victim again.”

Looks like we have two choices here – wait on Taylor to expose the truth in new music, or wait on Kanye’s proof – both equally entertaining.



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