WATCH: Taylor Swift Belly Flops in to the Ocean as Calvin Harris Laughs. Cuteness Alert!

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(Photo Courtesy: Mashable)

Talvin fans, unite! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have grown on us. From their first public appearance as a couple to their 1 year anniversary, this private couple always know when it’s time to give us a glimpse in to their relationship.

The couple recently decided to take a trip to paradise. Where? Who knows. Somewhere exotic.

One picture shows the pair sharing a kiss on the beach and another photo has Swift showing off her bikini.

Swift posted the photos on social media. She captioned her album on Facebook: “That time when we finally took a vacation. Calvin Harris

Check the pictures out below:

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Don’t fret! The AW stands for Adam Wiles which is Calvin Harris’ real name. Hmmm, does Swift call Calvin Adam or Calvin? 

She also posted a video of her jumping on a trampoline and belly flopping in to the ocean. “Are you watching?” Swift said. “Yeah,” Harris says. Swift then belly flops in to the ocean and Harris laughs.

That time when we finally took a vacation. @calvinharris

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Too funny! We’re glad these two are getting away.

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