Nicki Minaj Only Uses The BEST Toilet Paper For Dat Behind

nicki minaj celebrity slice
(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment)

With a behind as big as Nicki Minaj, you probably need to use the best toilet paper with extra layers.

TMZ got ahold of Nicki’s concert rider and her list of demands isn’t that big of a deal. Most of the importance comes in her bathroom rider. It’s too good!

Her rider includes:
– 12 pieces of fried chicken (Just 12?)
–  2 strip steaks…well done.
– 4 bottles of Nicki’s MYX Fusion Muscato wine – yum
– 4 mini-bottles Sutter Home chardonnay – We’re surprised at this one.

Now, let’s talk about the bathroom rider itself. It’s awesome.

Nicki’s bathroom MUST HAVE:
– 4 rolls of “good quality” toilet paper and the rider adds it must be Quilted Northern or Charmin Ultra only
– 1 box of baby wipes – Of course, you always need baby wipes in your bathroom as backup.

What Nicki wants Nicki gets. No one wants to feel shitty right before a concert (shitty – get it?)

nicki minaj butt celebrity slice




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