Amazing Music Found! Artist: Yuna

Music is one thing that can bring everyone together, regardless of beliefs, culture, or preferences. It can not only inspire moods, but it can also change them. Connecting with the artist as they sing to the world what you feel, along with connecting with others as they seem to be experiencing the same as you, is an indescribable feeling. One can use music to transpire any feelings into lyrics, melody, or even dance – using it as a type of therapy or finding tranquility in knowing that you are somehow sharing your innermost thoughts with the world and in some way hoping to be heard and understood.

This past Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the sun and warm weather in Chicago. While walking along the beach, my Apple Music radio opened my ears to an artist that I had never heard of before, and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful!

Malaysian singer and songwriter, Yuna was such a delightful find! Her third studio album, Chapters, brings charismatic sounds of both contemporary pop and r&b together. Yuna has been on the scene internationally since 2006 and has written her own music since the age of 14. During law school, she continued to write music and perform around her native country until, eventually, she was discovered and brought to New York City, releasing her first EP, Decorate, within the first year of being in the states.

Staying true to herself, the lyrical art that she has held throughout her career is felt throughout Chapters. She gives listeners a sound that is as smooth as warm Egyptian cotton feels to the skin, collaborations with artists such as Usher, DJ Premier, and Jhene Aiko, and sings songs that anyone who has ever genuinely been in love can connect with.


‘Chapters’ is definitely an album that holds chill vibes and is totally worthy of downloading, especially being that it is so rare now for an album to be released with amazingly dope tracks from start to finish. We’d love for you to take a listen and let us know your feels on it!

xo, Leana Shenise.

By the way, big thanks to Getty Images for the imagery.

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