Kylie Jenner Bleached Her Hair Blonde and Fans Are Not Having It

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Yesterday was a normal weekend day – brunching, BBQing, binging entire series on Netflix until you were in a coma-like stupor. BUT THEN! Kylie Jenner had to come along and give us all a g-d heart attack! It’s like she took the bellini right out of my hand and bitch-slapped me with it. (I’m very dramatic.)

See, when everything was normal (Sunday afternoon), Kylie looked like this:

So, you know, the usual.

But then! Girl had to go and bleach her hair, and create chaos among us. I guess she thinks she’s Kim now?! You know how the old saying goes: “Like older half-sister, like younger half-sister.”

Or she could just be a regular 19-year-old who wants to bleach and dye the crap out of her hair. It is the right, nay responsibility, of every 19-year-old to bleach and dye the crap out of her hair until it practically falls out.

Anyway, behold the mayhem:

Of course, the internet is responding in true dramatic fashion. I love the internet.




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