Justin Bieber Wants You To Know ‘Jelena’ Is Over In ‘Where Are U Now’ Music Video

justin bieber selena gomez celebrity slice
(Billboard Awards 2011)

RIP Jelena!

We love the Skrillex and Diplo “Where Are Ü Now” song with Justin Bieber and the video is just as good. In case you haven’t seen the video, we have it for you below.

But first, let’s point something out in the video: The words “Jelena 5ever” with an “X” over top of them flash on the screen which leaves us wondering what Justin, 21, is saying and Selena Gomez, 22.

You can’t blink or else you’ll miss it.

Check out the screen shot below:

justin bieber selena gomez celebrity slice

Dang! We love them together even though they were in the relationship at the wrong time which led to a terrible ending.

Watch the video below:

It’s OK, Selena fans. Selena is over JB, too.

The former lovers ran in to each other on Thursday night at a private party celebrating the release of Tori Kelly’s new album at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood and they completely avoided each other. Selena has been seen with Ed Sheeran lately. Maybe they have a fling?

Still a good song. What do you think of the music video?



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