Gigi Hadid Directed Joe Jonas’ Latest Music Video For “Cake By The Ocean” And We’re Confused

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Gigi Hadid may know how to model but she also knows how to act and now direct videos.

Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, released their music video for “Cake By The Ocean” and yes, the song is awesome! Totally a summer jam even though it’s pretty much now winter (in Chicago).

The video opens up with a sports newsy introduction to the “First Annual International Cake Fight Championships,” and the rest of the video is all about girls having a cake food fight.

Oh yeah, The Fat Jew makes an appearance too. Half naked. Ugh. No.

Joe told PEOPLE that Gigi came up with the ideas for the video.

“She had a megaphone. She was a badass. Everybody really looked up to her to lead and she really came through and showed us that she could do it,” he said.

Watch the video below and tap your foot. It’s a good one! (Warning: Profanity)

So fun!

In case you were wondering what “Cake By The Ocean” meant – it means “sex on the beach.”

P.S. check these two out at the New York Rangers game on Monday, October 19th:

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Well, we know how obsessed G.I. Joe are with each other. Good for them for having a fun relationship.

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