Everyone Is Losing Their Sh*t Over Kylie Jenner’s Shirt

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How old is Kylie Jenner again?

Oh yeah, 17-years-old.

The newly graduate has a big fan base not only on Instagram but on Snapchat, too, and her recent Snap video’s have the world going nuts over the shirt she’s wearing.

In her new Snapchat video, Kylie is wearing a sexually explicit shirt saying “Eat Me Out.”


Below is a screen shot, just incase you can’t read what it says in the videos:

kylie jenner celebrity slice

After reading comments on these videos, we have yet to read ONE nice thing about her.

Comments include:

– “God you are such a wh*re just like your sisters.”

– “Nooooooooooo! Oh my 😷”

– “She gets more and more disgusting each day.”

Rule #1: People are mean on the Internet. Stop it, people. But in reality, Kylie —  you are 17! Jesus.

Kylie turns 18 in a couple weeks and we’re just waiting to see what’s going to come out of the closet. Maybe she’ll come out and tell the world about her boyfriend, Tyga. We wouldn’t mind, though. We love them together. Hey, when you love someone, you love someone.

Do we think this is a disgusting shirt to wear at age 17? Yes. But then again, we’d be weirded out if a 40-year-old was wearing it too. Or even a 27-year-old.

Are we overreacting as much as everyone else on the Internet? No. When we were 17, we would eat pizza and drink beer (shhh).

At the end of the day: Wear whatever you want. Do ya thing – girl.

What do you think about her shirt? Are people just over reacting?

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1 Comment on Everyone Is Losing Their Sh*t Over Kylie Jenner’s Shirt

  1. As far as the shirt goes, yes it’s inappropriate. But who gives a fuck. Yeah, she’s 17. But she has her own house, makes her own money, graduated, and is still finding herself. Everyone makes mistakes, give the girl a break. Yall weren’t saints at her age either I’m sure. The ones calling her a whore were probably the biggest hoes in high school back in y’alls day. So hush. Wasting y’alls time calling her names, she obviously don’t give a fuck what y’all say.

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