The EDM duo, Tritonal, featuring Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros had a chance to talk to Celebrity Slice about their careers, advice, their radio show and so much more! We are so excited because we love them and of course, they make great music.
You can see how awesome these guys are just by reading their responses to our very curious questions about their hectic yet amazing lives. The two have a hit song featuring Cash-Cash titled “Untouchable” and you need to hear it!
Listen and fall in love with the song by listening to it below:
We hope you enjoy our interview with Tritonal!
[Interview by: Samantha Lebbos]
1. Hi Tritonal! Let’s start off by talking about where the name Tritonal came from. Is there a unique meaning behind it? I love asking this question because it really gives fans another reason to love you!
Chad: Awesome! Nice to talk to you guys! Wow, Dave and I had to have gone through so many names until we really hit one that we felt described us both as individuals both musically and personally. We had some AWFUL names haha! We won’t say!  We’re so glad we didn’t go with any of them – but we are grateful for the journey. When we discussed, talked and understood what ‘Tritonal’ actually meant, it hit us right in the hearts. We found that Tritonal is defined as partly an explosive and also that the ‘tritone’ is also a musical interval also known as an augmented fourth or diminished fifth. The meaning behind Tritonal couldn’t do any better – we are explosively musical guys! ha! Totally defines us!
2. Being a duo, obviously there are disagreements and bickering. How do you go about resolving issues when you two butt heads? Beating the shit out of each other up DOESN’T count :)
Dave: HAHA! We get asked this question quite a bit. Mostly things are pretty easy between us, however, yes, you speak the truth. We do have disagreements, but within those disagreements builds growth between us both as friends and colleagues in Tritonal. It’s bound to happen, of course – it’s normal! We’re both creative, we’re both nerds producing, writing our heads off and irritability happens when we’re in a room all day with two different personalities. It’s understanding the issue that normally resolves the issues when/if we have any :)
3. You guys are traveling everywhere lately. Hawaii and London are up! (Take me with, please) What’s it like taking your music all around the world? 
Chad: Unbelievable! We really couldn’t be thankful enough to do what we do. Taking our music around the world with us was only a dream a decade ago and it brings nothing but pure gratitude to see where we’ve come from to now – seeing new faces, new places, venturing and seeing things we thought we’d never see. It’s an amazing feeling.
4. What is one special memory you two have from a show? This is one of the toughest questions I ask because there are so many memories but when you close your eyes, what is one memory that makes you say ‘Wow, I love what I do.’
Dave: Oh great question! Wow, the very first thing that hits me is playing EDC Las Vegas for the very first time.. we were up there in our older Tritonal shirts, playing one of the biggest lit stages we’d ever played in front of 80,000 people!! The crowd, the sound, the utter enjoyment of dancing to our music with everyone – how could we NOT love what we do at that point! Man, what a memory that night was!
5. When creating music, what do you want your fans to feel when they hear it? 
Chad: Excitement, emotion and inspiration! We love making music that inspires others!
6. How do you two balance work and personal life? From shows to a radio show, you two are much busier than others. I have talked to many artists who can only be career oriented and some like to have a personal life in the mix of a career to kind-of bring them back down to earth.
Dave: Ha yeah we are definitely busy! Sometimes it can be nonstop. However, through all the craziness, one thing Chad and I both know is remaining humble and having balance in life is one of the most important things to us – we’ll never forget where we came from. We’re both married, we workout when we can, and spend time at home and definitely take advantage of any downtime with family.
7. What advice would you give those who are striving to be as successful as you? Also, while on the topic of success, how do you define the word ‘success’?
Chad: To keep at it and be patient!! Determination and not letting frustration get to you is also key in this! Step away from a track you’re working on if you’re pulling your hair out! Additionally, there are SO many things out there to learn and Dave and I are constantly learning new things every day that we want to try. You need to be a sponge! The ‘Craving’ to learn is vastly important with any career! It will do nothing but drive you, push you and lead you to the sense of urgency to push even further, perhaps even reach a goal you never imagined. Success could also be defined with sacrifice – letting things go to achieve bigger goals.
8. Your hit “Untouchable” with Cash-Cash is ammmaazzzinnggg! I know a lot of people who are big fans of the song. What was it like working with Cash Cash? Who else do you want to work with in the near future?
Dave: Aw thanks!!! We’re SO SUPER excited about this record! Cash-Cash are such great dudes and awesome writers in studio! Full of energy and life, always smiling – we played with them out at Echo Stage in DC and had such a great time with them. Loved working with them!
9. Let’s talk about your radio show. I love your Tritonia Takeovers where you remix and feature different artists on your tracks. What a great way to stick out of the crowd. How did this segment come about? 
Chad: Thank you! :) Well, we wanted to change it up for a bit! We’re getting excited and sooo close to our 100th episode of Tritonia, we thought it might be a great way to not only to drum up to the show itself, but also to showcase some of our favorite Enhanced artists featuring their own works, what they thing is hot, etc. It’s a great perspective!
10. Lastly – OK now you guys have to tell us a fun fact about you. What is something you could tell us that not many people know about? 
Dave: haha! I like to make stupid funny videos and I’m learning cinematography on the side! :)
Chad: In my early rave days, I once took way too much LSD and danced for literally 8 hours straight.   I couldn’t hardly walk for almost a week after that night!  LOL!
They even left a special note for the fans out there:
Chad: A big shoutout to all of our Tritonians for making our dreams possible and to keep an eye out for our two month, “UNTOUCHABLE” tour with Cash-Cash coming up soon! We’ll be going all over the map throughout the US and Canada! So we will see YOU soon!! 
We can’t wait for their upcoming tour with Cash-Cash! (LOL at those fun facts) How cool are these guys? You can listen to all of their music here.



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